Canadian Politics - Beware America you never want to be socialists

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Joab, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. You guys are a bunch of punks.
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  2. After witnessing the vast number of psychotic Canadian "traders" on this thread I'll never disagree with you again.....
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  3. Sure. Other than maintaining balanced budgets, relatively low military expenditures, support for single-payer universal health care, lack of interest in bailing out banks or auto, and relative lack of interest in non-fiscal issues such as abortion and gay marriage, they're just like US Republicans.

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  4. Hey friend, it doesn't matter what country someone's from if that country itself is on Planet F***tard.
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  5. This thread was an eye-opener. Like you I view the Conservatives of Canada as so unimposing-docile really-that I'm simply astounded that allegedly better than ugly America educated Canadians conclude an even further left solution is preferable.

    Someone here referred to Harper's tactics as brown shirtish. LMFAO.
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  6. sumosam


    I happen to be a health care professional, who has worked in the US. I left as I was disgusted with what I saw. The health statistics clearly indicate that many measures of public health are among those of developing countries.

    One incident where they ?sutured a cut or some such episode is hardly sufficient to comment on the entire system.

    Ask the many patients who travel to Canada for open heart surgery why they do so...oh, and how about the many patients who are denied services for which they are you realize that some get substantially worse before these are approved?
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  7. I'm in my 40's and I've never heard of an American seeking healthcare refuge in Canada nor of an insured American being denied verifiably needed service.
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  8. When they go to the states, you won't see them having dinner with the Democrats. That's all I need to say. :D

    I know they're apples and oranges.
    But they're both rotten, so it doesn't make difference to me.
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  9. That is due to it having been a *very* long time since the US had a Democratic President at the same time Canada had a Conservative/PC Prime Minister.

    No other reason.
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  10. What can I say? LOL. Canada is a fantastic place in many many ways - but it breeds its fair share of nut jobs just like any other place.

    Ain't no passport been invented yet that provides immunity from being a dumbass.
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