Canadian Politics - Beware America you never want to be socialists

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    Yes, and wait until the US goes to socialistic medicine. Then we will no longer be able to subsidize drug and device R&D for Canadians.

    It will put a BIG squeeze on the Candian goverment (tax payers).

    On a similar note (while I'm on my rant), I hear so many Europeans and Canadians bemoaning the United States' military strength and spending, yet it's a huge benefit for those countries.

    If it wasn't for the US, do you think Russia would start to poke it's nose in Canada's northern territories? It would mean that you would have to lop 5% of your GDP off for military spending.
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    From Joab's ORIGINAL post before he edits it.

    And he started this thread on 12-04 (Thursday). I am posting this on 12-06 (Saturday). Anyone want to look at a chart and tell me if the DOW moved 15% on the last 2 days?

    Also, I see he likes to edit others postings.

    My original post on pg 2 doesn't have the word bad in it. In fact, if one reads my post, the only thing I say is that Joab could make money based on his outlook.

    Get a little touchy when someone calls you out eh Joab? And I thought you were one of the better posters on ET. You might want to start digging up now Joab.
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  3. Why, because he doesn't sound like Vin Diesel? He was a professor in political science, that's pretty smart to me. And please provide facts, I went out of my way to do so.
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  4. I have Joab on ignore (obviously) but did he actually try to claim that the reason for the stock market crash and dollar tanking was a political even that occured last week? Amazing how stupid these far right nutjobs can get if fed properly. Has Joab seen a chart of the $CDN? Isn't he supposed to be a trader?

    No one comes out looking good in all of this. I'm no fan of Stephen the Megalomaniac, but this coalition was ill-conceived. The Liberals are saying that Dion isn't fit to run their party but all of a sudden he's fit to be PM? He goes on TV and says that he will still be stepping down? Dion during Question Period last week was not a pretty sight.

    Liberal brain trust are already on Xmas holidays, apparently.
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  5. Too many corporations planning to convert to trusts = too much tax revenue being drawn away from Ottawa. Although it was a promise they made, I can understand why they did it. I still feel bad for those depending on the income though.

    The money inside a TFSA is allowed to be invested. Although the contribution limit is $5,000 per year, after few years many Canadians could have a substantial amount invested in the markets through a TFSA, and pay no tax.
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  6. Renegen, I apologize if my labels offended your sensibilities. I could have said left, far left and well, separatist. They are what they are. I'm being sincere in my apology if you're offended but won't back down on my willingness to call them what they are.

    This government has greatly increased (or proposed to increase) spending on infrastructure. Google it. So, I'm not sure I understand your second paragraph.

    I live in BC so I haven't 'conveniently forgotten' the minutae of what Flaherty did as a provincial finance minister many years ago in Ontario. I simply am not on top of every Province's political scene and contrary to popular belief, the nation of Canada doesn't revolve strictly around Ontario. Either way, do you disagree that it was a good idea to reduce amortization periods?

    What big policies is Harper passing through that will hurt the country long term? Nothing wrong with the tax free savings account even if we're not all big shots like you. Besides, you care about what's right for the country not necessarily rich people right? 5k a year may be chump change but it's a step in the right direction towards staving off a negative savings rate. I didn't forget that he killed income trusts and I don't deny that he broke an election promise (shocker) but as I understand it, they were closing a Liberal loophole as more and more corps were jumping on board to avoid paying standard corporate tax rates. I'm not tryng to justify it, I'm just expressing my understanding of it. Oh, they also started killing the gst by a few percent which isn't awful.

    Sooo, they bought 50 billion worth of good mortgages (we don't have subprime here) from the banks which are INSURED by CMHC in order to free up the banks capital requirements. Also, they'll be earning about 5 percent on these. At least that's my understanding. This will enable the banks to lend more and ideally loosen up the credit system. Is that a bad idea or would you rather them print money and give it away?

    I couldn't really understand your point about the auto sector but it doesn't really address my point about waiting to see how the US handles the bail-outs/loans. If GM no longer exists then GM Canada probably no longer exists.

    Best Regards,

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  7. WOW! Our cdn cousins got some passion...some can't spell for shit, and I dunno what a "road scholar" is..but hey...ya'll got HEART.
    Who knew, eh?
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  8. Agree with you here. It's rare you find a Canadian that's so sick of where he lives, but typically it's the result of some depression issues he has. The need to escape. The need to rationalize why it's horrible where we are - yet we rate very high in the Human Development Index year after year.

    It's always best to think what's good for EVERYONE around you, instead of just yourself. This may sound strange coming from a capitalist like myself, but I honestly beleive you should help the underprivledged as much as one can. Being that I came from a somewhat privledged up-bringing, I feel good about paying more taxes or doing whatever I have to, if it can help the needy.

    Free Healthcare has been a blessing - let's hope we can retain it. How many people go bankrupt in the US every year simply from health problems?

    How many Canadians have you personally heard from that have gone bankrupt because of medical? Me? None. Credit Cards...some - but these people adopted the American style easy credit system - buy stuff even if you don't have the capital.
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  9. Are you suggesting every welfare recipient in quebec is "needy".

    canada has massive problems ahead.

    An entire province ( quebec) of welfare collectors who threaten to separate each year and continued importation of negro refugees from africa.

    A highly experienced eastern european engineer has to wait several years and jump through many circus hoops to get legal immigration.

    And what does he do once in canada? he's not allowed to do anything except wash dishes.

    whereas a negro refugee from darfur can walk straight in with his 12 children and suck off canadas welfare tit for life.

    Oh yeah, as for the 12 kids, they're all on the street corner dealing drugs or robbing someone.

    go canada. the new africa.
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  10. Wow, you must be one of those 'road scholars' lol
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