Canadian Politics - Beware America you never want to be socialists

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    I'm not sure if any of you are keeping track of what's going on in Canadian politics but let me sum it up for you.

    We have a minority government leader (Steven Harper).

    What this means is that the 3 other political parties in Canada have slightly more then half the vote combined.

    The auto industry in Canada went to Steven Harper and said: We need money and we need it now.

    Steven Harper said; Show me why I should give you the hard earned tax payers money and give me a reasonable plan to show me that your going to be able to pay it back and I will consider it.

    The auto industry said when the economy gets better we will have enough money and we aren't going to do anything different then what we are doing now.

    Steven Harper said; That's not good enough. The Canadian tax payers need to see a better plan.

    So now it get's juicy:

    The other 3 Morons of the 3 loser political parties all decided to gang up on Steven Harper and have tried to stag nothing short of a political coo and oust him for not giving into the auto industry. This would mean we would have had 3 leaders in control of our country.

    This has killed the Canadian Dollar and our stock market.

    Fortunately today, Steven Harper got a window of 7 weeks to come up with a stimulus package to save the auto industry.

    What a frigging JOKE.

    America this is what you will become if you allow socialism into your country.
  2. eagle


    That just the pretext, the true reason of this quarrel is because the Tories proposed last week to cut public funding for political parties as a part of their fall economic update. And not the lacked a sufficient stimulus package as the oppositions have said. Since when the budget can't be negotiated?

  3. softfx


    The 3 other party have a right to take over. The Torries where acting like they where a majority, and they are NOT ! They thought they could profit from the very weak Liberal Party, and shove their retarded Reform party style right winging ideas down our throats...Aint gonna happen my little creationist worshipers

    Canadians elected a minority government so that the country could be fiscally conservative, but moderate with the rest of the social issues... Get a clue , do your job or get the fuck outa there...

    see ya...
  4. clacy


    We're right behind you. Soon we'll all be wearing brown uniforms as we go to our government dictated jobs each day.

    Also, wait until the US gets socialized health care. When that happens, Canada's medical costs will double within 2 or 3 years, as we won't be able to subsidize the cost of your drugs, medical R&D, etc.
  5. gnome


    Well then, you guys up North better say a prayer for us down here.

    Stupid, greedy dillhole Americans have elected SuperSocialist NObama as our next leader.

    I keep trying to warn them... they aren't listening...

    Heaven help us. :mad:
  6. Haper is not acting quick enough. It appears the conservatives are sitting on their hands, and delaying parliament until the end of January is a great example.
  7. mccd


    what was Harper thinking, trying to ram through a bill that would take away the public campaign finance system, and ramming it through with the budget like an earmark or something?

    regardless of who you support, it just seemed like a really terrible move.. what were they thinking??
  8. taodr


    Only in Canada -- A Coalition of the Also-Rans?
    by Bob Appel

    This coming Monday, according to reliable sources, Canada will experience something unprecedented in its history -- a coalition government forming to unceremoniously turf a recently (and expensively) elected minority government out on its ear.

    The source is the coalition force themselves, and, even in this cynical age of ours, that's pretty dependable information.

    Will it happen? Will anyone care?

    Canadian markets seemed very unhappy about this when the word came down late last week. Not so much because the Conservatives under Stephen Harper were doing such a bang-up job, but because it is easier to love the devil you know than the devil you don't. Stockholm Syndrome, and all that...

    As always, some perspective is needed...

    Canada was formed, loosely, by two groups. One was a bunch of peaceniks from Britain seeking religious freedom, The other a bunch of brave souls from France who, more often than not, chose the New World, and a fresh start, because of unresolved legal issues in the old world.

    Over the fullness of time, these two groups ultimately did the one thing that our society seems to do best, they started a war. Which resolved itself, as wars usually do. However, it speaks to the very highest attributes of "Canadian-ism" that, centuries later, not only do our history books tend to gloss over this event as merely a minor disagreement, but, especially in Quebec annals, that disagreement would appear to have ended in a draw.

    Which brings us back to the current events right now in motion.

    By no mere coincidence, one of the minority parties hotly seeking to "coalesce" is a federal party founded on the quaint notion that Canada should be returned to the very conditions it enjoyed just prior to that aforementioned historical disagreement. In other words, a so-called separatist party, funded by tax dollars from hard-working, but essentially easy-going and incredibly forgiving, Canadians everywhere. Canadians who, typically, find it easier to endlessly discuss the mere possibility of disagreement than to actually disagree about anything.

    There is a good reason Canadians don't carry guns. Because to use one, they would first have to become passionate about something, and that is not what Canada is really about -- or, in this case, "a-boot." There are, in fact, university-level studies clearly showing Canadians to be not only peace-loving to a fault, but also apathetic to the point of necrosis. FAST FACT -- among all democratic western nations, more Canadians will go from birth to death without ever actually joining a political party than in any other land.

    So, as they like to say in the espionage biz, let's "walk the cat backwards" to try to imagine the look on the face of the one specific federal party mandated to seek the destruction of their nation when, last week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper suggested that he was going to change the laws respecting campaign funding -- placing a greater burden on marginal parties to actually connect with their alleged constituents for future dollars.

    Now, an argument can perhaps be made that one should not always take Mr. Harper at his word on such pronouncements since, some time ago, he actually passed a law saying that a federal election could not, and would not, be held in 2008 -- a law still on the books! -- but he himself called one, and held one, anyway.

    But the damage is done. And so, for the first time in the history of a country that never bothered anyone; never borrowed a lawnmower from a neighbour and then failed to return it; never sent south a comedian that failed to make it big and then move to Beverly Hills; we suddenly have "common interests" among three parties that usually don't even talk to each other. An odd coalition indeed -- one of these parties was recently ousted due to corruption; one of them believes so strongly in the redistribution of wealth that, to them, Robin Hood was a Republican; and, as just explained, one of them considers the entire Canadian union merely a temporary aberration.

    The current press reports that "Canadians are outraged" by this turn of events.

    Which, loosely translated, means that at least six people in the country are really upset -- perhaps they should form a party and apply for federal funding?
  9. It sounds exactly the same as what's going on in Washington. Funny, Europe is also doing bailouts for the auto industries.
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    You done ranting Joab?

    I think you know better than to post something like this to attribute the fall in the TSX and loonie. And you also made a trade call. So what's the problem? Go short TSX futs and loonie, and perhaps you'd feel better instead of bitching if you make coin.
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