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  1. I am new to Elite Trader but have read your various comments on online brokers and software for a number of years and have gotten great advice. Especially on Interactive broker and ThinkorSwim which has been bought by TD Waterhouse. I would have a general question on this new broker called Virtual Brokers. I Google the name and found one website Money Sense which gave a semi positive review and comments from various people who were more inclined towards Questrade. Both brokers use the same platforms from Nexa Technologies but the prices are totally different. Questrade being more expensive.
    Have anyone used Virtual Broker and if so are you satisfied with the overall platform and service. Please let me now, since I am in the market for a change. I am presently with TD Waterhouse and fed up with getting quotes the old fashion way clicking with the mouse on the refresh button.
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    Td Waterhouse has an active trader platform you could look into.
  3. Interactive Brokers

    IB by far the best for active trader,trading less than 1000 shares TSE listed stock or 2000 shares US stock.
  4. :) im with questrade,and the prices per are better than TD or CIBC
  5. I would like to thank everyone up to now for the response. I had both TD active trader demos which I found to be expensive $99 and $249 per month Canadian. I looked at IB and found that TWS a bit confusing which is shared by some members on the broker section and no level II in the demo version. As for the monthly fees I would be interested to know?
    As for Questrade they use the same platform as Virtual Brokers which is Nexa Technologies ( As for monthly fees Questrade is more than Virtual Brokers. For example Virtual Brokers platform is free but the data feeds are customizable to your requirements which I calculated to be approximately $53/month. The only fee which I find to be outrageous is a $150 account transfer out cost. The reviews I read are mixed with a hint of skepticism that this company may be form India and that it may be bought out soon.
    If anyone has more information on Virtual Brokers please let me know.