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    Does anybody know where to watch Canadian live quote? Better free.... :) offers free real time quote for US stocks, but for Canadian stocks, 15 min delay...

    Many thanks.
  2. Doesn't your broker provide that? I think either Questrade or would be better than a Level 1 broker.
  3. doesn't work with Canadian markets, only US and only USD.

    I'm eagerly awaiting them to introduce Canadian markets, especially after being bought by TD Canada, but I've seen no news about it happening anytime soon.
  4. you'll be waiting a looong time. Hell it took td 12 years to roll out their own half assed trading platform.

    they are stupid lazy and greed scum.

    just imho:cool:
  5. With Interactive Brokers you can get live but you have to pay the exchange data fees (7$-9$ per month or something like that).
  6. I couldn't agree more. Their current investing platform is a joke. Something out of the 90's.

    IB is what I use for trading the Canadian market and I'm not aware of any free source for RT quotes.
  7. No offense, but what would motivate you to look for quotes for Canadian equities?

    When I tried working as a day trader for 3 months, if I tried getting in with a limit order when the price was running up, I couldn't get filled. So, I ended up using open market orders which meant paying the spread or in other words, the first order I did like that I got a fill 5 cents away from the last print. My choice then was to trade more liquid markets like the ETFs based on the S&P 500 like SSO (or SPY if you can afford multiples of 100 shares of that symbol, we didin't have the right to trade odd lots). Besides, I sometimes saw stocks plunging at the same time as the S&P 500, so at one point I thought trading stocks with hight correlations with the S&P 500 was the trick. Then I'd see those stocks following the S&P 500 for part of the day and be stubborn the rest of the day. So, for me, I ended up prefering the SSO. Even if you compare the S&P 500 to the financial index or real estate index, they all went up in the last few months anyway so it won't make a huge difference.

    In the end, I prefer SSO but I no longer trade stocks. I'm still testing a method I developed for the EUR/JPY but look at the SSO just to make some comparisons. Sometimes they react to the same important economic news.
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    I may be biased, but I would argue that there are actually some interesting TSX listings for day trading, such as some of the HBP ETFs (e.g. oil, nat gas, gold stocks).
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    The Unit Trust are pretty good for swing trading. It pays out good monthly income to investors. However, the yield will be lower going forward because the unit trusts are losing some of its benefits from a change in Canadian tax law.
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