Canadian Liberals set themselves up for another ass whipping.

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    So the liberlas had a non confidence vote today meaning Canada will now go to the 5th election in less than 10 years. Is Ignatieff just a glutton for punishment? There is no chance in hell the liberals will even be able to achieve a minority government, so this will just end up being another colossal waste of taxpayers dollars.

    Matt Gurney Mar 25, 2011 – 12:27 PM ET | Last Updated: Mar 25, 2011 2:21 PM ET

    As noted here, evidence of the 2008 coalition agreement between the Liberals, NPD and the Bloc, has disappeared from the Liberals’ website. This comes shortly after Mr. Ignatieff, when asked whether he would again back a coalition if the Liberals fail to win the upcoming election, forcefully answered a different question. No one’s sure exactly what the question he was answering was, but it had something to do with multi-coloured doors. Maybe it was like Parliamentary Jeopardy, and the reporter who could supply the correct question for Mr. Ignatieff’s non-sequitor answer might have made a bit of scratch. Not that the party can afford much. Maybe it would be a left-over Stephane Dion green scarf.
    Alas, it seems like the Liberals have decided that their strategy for dealing with the media’s questions about the coalition issue is going to be loud humming and the insertion of fingers into ear canals (their own, one would hope). “Oh, hi there, ole chap, I see your lips moving, but I can’t quite make out what you’re asking. Something about a cow’s ignition?”

    It’s obvious why they’d want to avoid answering the question. The last time the Liberals mused openly about a coalition, the Tories jumped to support levels they haven’t been able to visit until, well, now. But the problem the Liberals face is that a coalition requires at least two parties, and in this case the other party is perfectly content to yap about how nifty they find the whole idea. The Liberals don’t actually think they can dodge the issue for an entire campaign, with the NDP blabbing about it on their left and the Tories screaming about it on the right, do they? Do they?

    Based on the current poll numbers (which must at this early point be treated with caution), the Tories are set for a majority. But it’s still very possible, even likely, that they’ll be held to yet another minority, in which case virtually everyone in the country assumes the left-leaning parties will ponder another coalition. They’d be mad not to, and they do, indeed, have parliamentary tradition on their side for such a move. It’s democratically legitimate and perfectly legal (the frightening prospect of the Bloc’s involvement does not sit well with many Canadians, but distasteful as it is, it doesn’t break any laws.)

    The problem facing the Liberals is that while a coalition is constitutionally legitimate, it remains to be seen whether Canadian voters will find it politically palatable. And the longer the Liberals act like they have cotton in their ears whenever the question is posed to them, the more difficult it will become to sell an otherwise viable option to voters, before or after the election. A voter who might be inclined to accept/tolerate a Liberal-NDP coalition (with or without the Bloc) might still be put off by the Liberals refusing to discuss it. This time, it’ll be the Liberals being accused of having a hidden agenda. And don’t imagine for one minute the Tories wouldn’t love a chance to hoist the Liberals with that particular petard.

    If the vote breaks the right way, Mr. Ignatieff might just become prime minister. But he’ll have to play his cards very, very carefully for that to happen. He should consider, now, the implications of spending six weeks attacking the Conservatives over their ethics while at the same time desperately, and transparently, trying to hide critical information from the voters. He needs to make his position clear now.

    National Post
  2. With any luck, Mr. Harper will step into the Canadian political history books and remain there.
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    LOL no chance whatsoever, i will give you 5-1 odds on 100 dollars that conservatives atleast hold on to a minority government. Polling today shows conservatives up by 20 points.

    Quebec has held the rest of Canada hostage long enough, its time for Canada to cut their ties with those arrogant french assholes. I remember every time i went to Quebec meeting these assholes who basically look at the rest of Canada as scum. Canada has allowed the French to run up the largest debt of any province all due to the fact that the Bloc essentially has control over the rest of the country, due to the way that the Canadian democracy is set up.
  4. You are absolutely correct, Hello. A collosal waste of taxpayer money. $300 million/election is what it costs. All indications so far are that at the very least, Harper will get another minority government. All we can do is hope with every last fibre of our being that Harper pulls out a majority this time!
  5. Out of curiosity, what exactly is it about Harper that you don't like?
  6. Just a few highlights from Harper's legacy so far:

    "Harper oversees the fastest growing economy with the lowest deficits among Group of Seven nations. The currency has been the strongest in the G-7 over the past two years. Government bonds has returned 5.1 percent over the past year as of March 24, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch index data, compared with a 2.8 percent average for the G-7. Canada’s benchmark S&P/TSX Composite Index has risen 17.3 percent over the past 12 months, compared with a 12.3 percent gain for the Dow Jones Industrial Average."

    We all know the economy is the only thing that matters, and based on this principle, Harper is in great shape. The Liberals haven't even presented any kind of economic plan aside from repealing Harper's corporate tax cuts.

    Iggy is a joke. A wannabe American who has indeed spent the majority of his life outside of Canada. Tax and spend, tax and spend.
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    Imagine what he could have accomplished if he didnt have to try to appease the NDP, and the Liberals this whole time.

    Like i said before, if we could ever get rid of the Bloc, or get rid of quebec all together, Canada would flourish. The bloc holds 50 out of 70 (something) seats right now, if the conservatives had won 1 third of those seats, or if Quebec was no longer a part of Canada, then Canadians would be far better off. Quebec has held the rest of Canada hostage for far too long and look where it has gotten us, all they have done is rack up a massive debt on the rest of Canada. The bloc won 10% of the popular vote last election, but they hold 17% of the seats, and the country inevitably gets steered in the direction they want every single time.

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    The other day you were implying that the conservatives were the ones who blew up the deficit in Canada, now you are saying that Harper has essentially done nothing substantial while being prime minister. So then given the fact that Canada came out of this recession in the best shape out of any country in the world would you now concede that government internvention has been bad for the rest of the G7 countries?

  9. LOL THIS is your response?! Quoting a Liberal columnist who says Harper has done nothing, and quoting an amateur blogger?!

    Have you no mind of your own to think with?

    1. It is difficult to pass legislation in a minority government, when the opposition, despite not coming up with any alternatives, shuts down any motion simply based on the fact that it goes against the Conservatives.

    2. Harper has performed exeptionally on the one item that matters - the economy. This is all that needs to be said, and hopefully all that Harper needs for a majority government.

    Do you not find it disturbing that Iggy has spent his whole life outside of Canada, and upon return, suddenly decides he should be Prime Minister?

    Do you not find it disturbing that Iggy is willing to head a coalition of socialist parties, including the Bloc who want to seperate from Canada?
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