Canadian Investors - Whats your take on buying US equities?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Sikhinvestor, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    To anyone who is a Canadian here, whats yoru take on US equities right now. Is it worth buying some of them right now, like the problem for me is the dollar in my opinion is just gonna keep going higher.

    Whats your take...


  2. I don't know anything about canada... but look at canadian banks... they are suddenly putting up billions to buy us banks... so that should tell you something.

    Read up on commerce bank
  3. joash99


    I'm a day trader so I don't have any strong beliefs on where US equities are going but if you want to invest in USD, I would suggest you to hedge your currency risk. Since the CAD is highly correlated with oil, who knows how high it can go. My two cents.
  4. einai


    Well, no one can call FX. But as a Canadian who is profiting massively from the Can$ as it is, I'm trying to get international exposure - just not in the US.

    I like US listed Chinese stocks, metals, forest products, gold.

    Had a great run with TRE.TO over the past 2 months. Also ATV. Now into SHA, mentioned on this board recently (

    I'm acting on the assumption that the US$ is going to continue to drop. Furthermore, as a Canadian, you have a lot of US exposure as it is.

    Summary: stay away from the American stuff until they can get their finances together.

    David H.
  5. 1. I think CAD will continue to strengthen for numerous external reasons.

    2. Many US stocks look over priced if you give them lower earnings multiples.

    3. Canadian investors are already over exposed to the US by proxy given our close economic ties.

    4. It might make sense for Canadian banks to use a stonger currency to make sound long term strategic aquisitions, but not for the average retail investor.

    I have been thinking about getting something like the QQQ ultra short as a hedge against US slowdown. Other than some US multinationals that will perform regardless of the domestic economy I don't see much point.
  6. US real estate could look very cheap in two or three years for Canadian dollar holders.
  7. why buy anything U.S,? we are exporting our future x10!
  8. I am already thinking how best to hedge, this wasn't a concern years ago.