Canadian interest rate

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  1. Hello! Whats your opinon about upcoming decision on the interest rate?
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    asking a question is an art. questions should be neither too specific( unless you are looking for a specific answer) or too general to receive an answer.
  3. I just want to ask opinion of forum members :)
  4. lylec305


    Once the canadian interest rates rise the economic ripple effect will me amazing. The $1000 sqft homes will drop like a beaver tail slapping a muddy sand bank... hahaha

    • No change.
    • Due to uncertainty of NAFTA and tariffs.
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  5. lylec305


    With no canadian interest rate increase the looney will devalue even more. Are you calling for a .65 cent loonie ? With trade war and nafta scrimmage that's where it's heading.
  6. Bill.C.


    Im going to guess a quarter point increase, though I will call it a marginally-educated guess.