Canadian Intelligence reports Iran/N.Korea/Syria to sign mutual defence treaty !!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. You heard it first guys. I have access to propreitory canadian intelligence news and they are reporting North korea and iran are in the midst of negotiations for a mutual defence treaty. Which means mutual technological and weopens exchanges. Very frightening. The report saids preliminary ground works for such a deal are being hammered out. Expecting a deal by november. You heard it here first.!!!! thank god for canadian intelligence whose on the ball :D
  2. I like the 'propreitory[sic] intelligence news'

    That's as opposed to the 'non-propreitory[sic]' kind.

    Didn't your mother tell you that it's wrong to lie?

    Also interesting that he throws Syria in the title but then forgets to include them in the body.

    See that's the problem with lying, mahram... it's hard to keep track of which story you are telling!

    So mahram... when did you arrive in Canada, and from where?
  3. That may be wonderful news! It means that if anyone of them does the slightest thing we have a pretext to bomb the shit out of the others!
  4. yeah I was lying when I said, propertory canadian news sources were reporting that katrina was having a more devasting effect then reported on the news.

    Nope b/c syria and iran already has a mutual defence pact.

    If you already check the news, it has already been reported less then 5 minutes after I posted my news iranian officials have been reported tobe working with north koreans :D...thankyou very much

    tradernik, you have to buy better news sources. How can you trade with just dow jones news wires.

  5. lol... actually, I kind of think that the news hit the wires about 5 minutes(or 50 minutes) BEFORE you made your post. What I am saying is that you read this online and then posted saying you have 'propreeitoory[sic]' intelligence information when in fact you have nothing of the sort. This is just my opinion, though.

    Since the news has hit the wires, why haven't you provided a link?

    See the problem is this, mahram. Based on the content of your posts, we have built up an image of you as a kind of fun-loving teenager or young man who just has a good time by posting here and attracting attention. You have posted so many mistaken and misleading things, which have been pointed out by others, that now, when you say you are a covert CSIS operative working under deep cover, it is kind of hard to believe. I mean, you MAY be a CSIS operative working deep undercover, with access to some of the most closely guarded secrets of the Western democracies. This may be true, I do not deny it. My only point is that I think it's UNLIKELY.

    And as traders we act based on probabilities, right?

    Let me be clear, though. I don't put you in the same trollish category as the ubertroll. Your habit of posting smileys as you comment on the deaths of innocent people is ... how shall I put this... predictable, but other than that I just see you as someone entertaining himself. Carry on, this is a public forum.
  6. lol who said I was csis agent lol...tradernik.....I have an image of you as a 40 year old virgin but whose talking.

    You cant admit that Im right can you tradernik.

    When the news comes out a few months from now you would still be going, yeah you were right but your a prick still LOL...admit it right or wrong, your going to still say that because of my views true or not true :D

  7. lol.. well, I can comment on that part of it. I went out on the road in a band with 4 of my high school buddies straight after we graduated, and we were out for about 5 years. I got more pussy before I was 20 years old than you will ever dream of getting in your entire lifetime, unless you buy a different hooker every night.

    And you should be very careful about what you say re: women, given your admissions on these threads.

    By the way, why did you lie about your age here? I submit it was inadvertent - you are actually 19, you said you were 27, and then forgot and said you were 28 when someone asked you a few weeks later. Is that accurate?

    You said when the news comes out in a few months.. but didn't you just say that the news is out right now??

    I am confused by your post, but as I said, I have nothing against you because I see you as essentially harmless, just someone who wants attention.

    By the way... you didn't answer my questions. When did you get to Canada and where are you from originally?
  8. Maharm,

    Who cares if they signed a mutual pact? The launch one single weapon and the pact of the 3 stooges are incinerated and a great deal of the worlds problems are solved.

    Maybe it's good they signed it.