Canadian 'Index of Well-being' compared with GDP

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  1. heard ex PM Paul Martin on BNN talking about a 'well being' index that's related
    to and/or rather than the GDP alone, new one to me
    don't know whose index Martin was referring to but found the following:

    "The Centre for the Study of Living Standards is a non-profit, national, independent
    organization that seeks to contribute to a better understanding of trends in and
    determinants of productivity, living standards and economic and social well-being
    through research." founded in Ottawa in August 1995
    Very comprehensive, covers 1981 thru 2010, a report rather than index per se since
    they've broken down, explained and charted all the components in their index -
    need to download the pdf - 98 pages
    while the provinces are used as the source of data, the Northwest Territories and
    Nunavut do not appear to be included in the data:

    minimal, not current

    US: a limited well being index sponsored by Healthways - a disease management
    company founded in 1981 - and produced by Gallup:

    UK: again a Gallup.Healthways index
    the UK will be starting a government index in 2012, will it benefit the population or
    provide the means to improve spin doctoring government policies ?:

    France, Germany, Japan etc, don't see anything, but Gallup has a 'thriving' index
    of 155 countries:

    see also and etc such as: 'Happiness economics':