Canadian HF manager predicts predicts `ugly` Q4 for Canadian retailers

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  1. Hedge fund manager Brandon Osten is growing concerned about how the strong Canadian dollar will hurt the profit of domestic companies, and warns that certain sectors will feel more pain. "I just don't know how much longer our economy can sustain a dollar that is above par [versus the U.S. greenback]," said the president of Toronto-based Venator Capital Management Ltd.

    The manufacturers relying on foreign sales and resource companies - with mines or other assets outside of Canada - are being hit hard by the surging loonie, Mr. Osten said in an interview.

    But "I think that the fourth quarter is also going to be pretty ugly for retailers," as Canadians buy goods like books, electronics and sporting goods from U.S. companies over the Internet, or clothing while vacationing south of the border, he predicted.

    While Canadian retail stocks look inexpensive based on trailing 12-month earnings, "I don't know what the next 12 months will bring with these problems," he said.

    Time to short CAD ?