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    Te broker from GFT phoned me back, at which time I found out I had written his phone number down incorrectly, hence the Raymond James Financial Services contact. Ouch. Is there an red-faced icon one can add to one's posts in this forum?

    My apologies to GFT

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  2. No honey... no red faced icon...this is not Yahoo...

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    Actually Elite Trader does...just not one red-faced with embarassment. You probably overlook a lot of things, though. FYI, they've been directly to the left of your text field while you've been bent over frothing at your keyboard --eight lovlies to choose from, for those into that kind of thing. I'm sure it just comes with the message board software.

    Now, I'm off to enjoy my weekend.

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  4. I love you too, posterchild (kid):) :) :p :cool: :mad: :eek: :confused: go back to Yahoo, novice...

    Are all Canadian chicks this way?

    If so, remind me not to go shopping there...

    sweetheart you got a long way to go...You must learn to admit when you are wrong. Try treating people of all ages and sex with a little respect, you might get some that way...

    were you banned at Oanda's forum too?

    Love, Hugs & Kisses...the Mrs.

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  5. view "" If you don't want your funds held in the U.S.

    A Swiss broker. Their Sales Manager. Klaus Richter is VERY HELP FULL.

    Email: krichter@neuimex He will gladly phone you on his dime.

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    Thanks, but I can find a retail broker in Canada who will allow me to hold a CAD account. If not that, a reputable American broker.

    I'm not too keen about sending my money overseas. But thanks for the thought.
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    I'm away from my desk at the moment.
    Have you looked into "Man" lately they have been
    running adds in the business section of The Star.
    They "while label" for FXCM. BUT and this is the part
    I like. Your funds are keep in Canada.
    Man also took over for Refco, who I had an account with.
    At the time Refco was a white label for FXCM as well.
    FXCM was good, didn't loose a cent.

    See ya.......

    Cowboy Bill
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    Toronto Trader,

    Thanks for suggesting Questrade. Some others had. I looked into them., however, found that (even though they are Canadian-based) they do not allow traders to hold a CAD account. Their opening pip spreads are not very competitive either (EUR/USD 3, USD/CHF 5, USD/JPY 4). Also, while questrade allows traders to be leveraged 200:1, as best I understand it, they require traders to main a total equity of 50% of the margin requirement in order to avoid automatic position closure.

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    did you look at the ? a candian broker .
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