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    haha Never thought it that way. Should female traders just say, un-huh, and move on? haha

    I'm still researching other retail currency brokers. Would appreciate any serious recommendations.

    Many thanks

    Karl ;)
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    Thanks for the sugestions. Have you ever used GFT? I looked at them yesterday and their demo doesn't appear to allow CAD vase currency. You're saying their live version does?

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    Yeah, I agree. UBS

    I looked at CMC's platform yesterday and uninstalled it soon after. I had left a call with GFT yesterday about whether they allow CAD currency accounts and got a call back from someone with Raymond James Financial Service, 2 North Riversie Plaza.

    Sounds as centralized as Primerica, doesn't it? ;)

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  8. Xenia


    No need to contact their introducing brokers (or whatever Raymond James FS might be).

    Here you go ...
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  9. TruNorth


    Oh, I left off one portion of the GFT broker's address, it's Suite 900

    Serious recommendations only pls. Let's not mess the board with kiddy stuff, ok?
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