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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Datradr, Feb 23, 2011.

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    I am looking for a Canadian Prop firm that offers intraday and swing trading. Here is the type of deal I am looking for:

    50%- 50% Profit Split
    No capital contribution
    Commission - Don't mind if commissions are high
    Buying power - 150K -300K

    Roughly 50% of trades will be intraday and remaining will be very short term trades 1-5 days. Overnight positions will be small.

    Please contact if you know of such a firm.

  2. I'm not about to start recommending anyone publicly on these boards but I will make a comment... Your going to find it pretty tough to find a prop firm that will allow you to take overnights without a capital contribution.

    Think about it from their perspective, would you allow someone with no skin in the game to take the overnight exposure knowing that your going to suffer all of the downside... and only half of the upside. No... well I wouldn't. Anyone that does is probably irresponsible and as a result probably not someone you want to be trading for anyway.

    Your best option is to put up capital - get a decent split and hold overnight positions (for a fee... % per day held).... OR don't put up capital and just day trade for smaller %. I think you will find that these are your only choices.

    If neither is acceptable why not go get another job and earn a capital contribution