Canadian Dollar at PAR !

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Bootsie, Sep 20, 2007.

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    Just thought I would show this....

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  2. ya fantastic eh? gold goes to a million and the USD is going to get crushed...great
    (ps i get paid in USD lol)
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    i really can't comprehend what the rate cut is trying to save, this subprime borrowers r going to default with or without the cut since they r borrowing way abv their risk thresholds, all they require is a small trigger, some wise guy here was going abt rate cut is stimulating the grease that oils the economy including global and all that, really the only place i see it oiling seems to be commodities and equity, transferring more wealth from the average and below to the wealthy, the fact that markets can keep making highs repeatedly in such short time frames and fluctuate to such has to imply there is ample liquidity at least in the markets to enable such wide swings
  4. in the 70s C$1.10, Vancouver Canucks payroll has dropped from
    C$72M to C$45M, Canadians are crossing the border to shop and
    fill their gas tanks, 'snowbirds' are loving it but American tourists
    have disappeared and the oil producers, loggers and miners are
    crying all the way to the bank
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    Definitely an interesting milestone, we will see how long it holds. I am honestly quite intrigued to see how long the current Canadian dollar strength and US dollar weakness will persist for.