Canadian Daytrading firms?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Daywalker, Mar 30, 2002.

  1. Daywalker


    I have been interested in Direct Access trading for quite some time now but it seems the only two options for me are Swift Trade and Quest Trade (I live in Toronto). Do you guys know of any others? Swift trade has a prop program so in effect you get to learn with their money. Has anyone tried their program? Was it profitable?
  2. I live in Ontario and have been trading with JPR Capital in the USA for 6 months now. I highly recommend them, they gladly accept Canadians. Not only that, but they offer the cheapest commission I have seen, only half a cent per share (based on 2000 share order). And they use Realtick which I think is a great interface.

    Even better, they now offer futures tarding for Canadians, almost no firms in the USA will do that for Canadians. Give them a call, just do a yahoo search for them and find the phone number. Ask to speak to Arlene, she will help you set up an account. Tell her "Bob from Canada" sent you there.