Canadian court rules filesharing is legal

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    This decision makes a lot of sense. Too bad the music industry owns the U.S. Congress.

    As a political observer, I continue to marvel that Republicans in congress like that moron Orin Hatch take the side of one of the Democrat Party's biggest fund raisers instead of getting in synch with millions of young voters who resent being ripped off by the labels. It is analogous to how stupid the Republicans are to protect their pals on Wall Street and the mutual funds instead of forging a bond with the emerging investor class.
  2. So it's OK to steal someone else's work just because you think it's being sold for too much???

    Mercedes prices are ridiculous, they're just ripping people off - maybe everyone should just start stealing them.
  3. Intellectual property rights are defined by statute. Congress writes those statutes. Whether property rights holders are using those rights for the greater good or abusing them is certainly a valid consideration.
  4. The judge makes an interesting interpretation regarding the placement of files in a shared folder does not constitute distribution.

    Hey ARCH, Bring my Mercedes back......... :D