Canadian brokerage that supports trading API and RRSP?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by elitetradesman, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. The only brokerage in Canada I know that supports trading API is Interactive Brokers Canada, but they don't support RRSP or TFSA.

    Is there any brokerage in Canada that supports both trading API and RRSP?

  2. Good question. I am not aware of any. Questrade doesn't seem to have an API but they don't charge on currency exchange within an RRSP. For this reason I'm thinking of opening an account with them. Plus $5 per trade is fairly good.

    I'm currently with Scotia itrade. The major banks don't have APIs. There might be some niche small player out there who offers this..would be good to know.
  3. What sucks for us Canadians is that iTrade's American counterpart eTrade now supports trading API. TradeStation is free if you have an account with TD Ameritrade.

    As for Questrade, you can't beat their pricing, but make sure you read their horror stories before signing up.

    We're still in the 90's when it comes to trading.
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    Any updates on this? Are there any smaller players in Canada that support RRSP trading?