Canada's Economy Expanded for Fourth Straight Month on Factory Output

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    "Canada’s gross domestic product expanded for a fourth straight month in January, led by a surge in manufacturing. "

    "Output rose 0.5 percent during the month, Statistics Canada said today in Ottawa, matching the median forecast of 22 economists surveyed by Bloomberg News. Gross domestic product expanded 3.3 percent in the 12 months through January, matching the year-over-year increase in December. "

    The results “will certainly cause Bank of Canada to at least revise up their growth outlook."

    "The areas of the economy targeting domestic demand -- consumer spending and business investment -- are a little bit softer, whereas manufacturing, that’s primarily driven by events in the U.S., is a lot stronger,” Tulk said about today’s report.

    "Today’s report showed that manufacturing expanded 2.8 percent in January, the largest jump since September 2003."

    "Canada’s economy grew at a 3.3 percent annualized pace in the period from October to December, the fastest pace among Group of Seven nations"
  2. canada is in a good position.

    The US is still lagging due to idiots in DC, the Clowns in the FED who are talking QE3 and the American Citizen who is still spending far beyond their income.

    The Habits of the last decade have not changed and the US will continue on the path of "STAGFLATION" for years to come.
  3. What's most surprising to me about the economic data coming out of Canada the past couple of months is the strength in manufacturing. The high value of the CAD should be crushing manufacturing as most of what is manufactured is exported to the USA.

    Perhaps we are finally seeing some productivity gains?
  4. Canada is like the younger sister of the US who suddenly grew into her hot body over summer break, while the US went off to college, dropped out, and discovered drugs, alcohol, and partying.
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  7. persistent, bearish sentiment towards Canada. :p
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