Canada’s covid-19 second wave is a humbling moment after a summer of bragging

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    Cue Freddie three, two, one...
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    Viruses virus.
    Sweden is the model
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    We can always count on you to post pointless articles and ideas. It's who you are, the Maple Syrup King ( aka The Fake American ), and the world confounds you all the time. Apparently a few journalists are almost as clueless, or maybe they just understand their target audience. Trump has that down pat.
  5. Canadians lost control while they were busy trying to be superior to the U.S.

    On the plus side, I am sure that their covid strain "has Canadian values."

    Hang in there Canada. Some vaccines developed by American or other countries will be arriving soon. Just keep holding your begging bowls out there.

    Canada crushed the Covid-19 curve but complacency is fueling a deadly second wave

    Ottawa (CNN)"At least we're not as bad as the States."

    Those were the words uttered by so many Canadians during the first wave of coronavirus, perhaps without malice although with a good dose of smugness.
    But that complacency may have helped fuel a deadly second wave in Canada that is now straining hospital capacity in nearly every region of the country as health officials impose more restrictions and lockdowns.

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    Tsing Tao

    Freddie? Nine_ender will promptly be by to defend this with his virtual life. How dare you point out anything about Canada??
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    My bad, I’m having a senior moment or too much eggnog..... thought Freddy Foresight was Canada’s internet champion?
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  9. At the time of this post:

    US: COVID-19 deaths per million: 994

    Canada: COVID-19 deaths per million: 379

    What else you got?

    But, yeah, there's enough stupid Canadians to go around. Although not quite the embarrassment of riches as evidenced in the US.
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