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  1. Can anyone from Canada give me some info on CGT and other taxes potentially affecting a full time trader (SS tax etc). I am determined to leave the UK and live in North America. I spent a few years in the US but can't get a green card there. I have met a few Canadians in London and without exception they were all very very nice people and beautiful charming girls too. The hours are great here but I just can't stay too long for the sake of sanity. From what I know I could have a chance to get permanent resident status in Quebec, being bilingual and self-employed although I am not sure they will consider trading as a legitimate business.

    A few things concern me: the weather ( I am not gonna like those ice storms for sure so I'd be looking for an area in Quebec that doesn't get too cold nor cloudy in the winter otherwise I might as well stay in depressing London ), taxes, and the laws regarding brokerages( what US brokers can you use there besides IB?)
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    What do you trade?
  3. eminis and ETF's, dabbling in FX, some stocks long term.
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    The weather in Quebec is not solid. There aren't any warm areas, at best you'll be looking along the St. Lawrence river in or around Montreal/Quebec City. I personally wouldn't live in Quebec, except maybe across the river from my home in Ottawa.
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    Why wouldn't you live in Quebec? If I could I think I would go to Vancouver This place looks pretty cool. But the hours are a real struggle for me. When I was in SoCal, I could never get out of my bed before 9am ET . If I were to live on the West Coast again I think I would go to bed at 5 pm PST and wake up at midnight. It might even be better than the East Coast because I can still go out for a drink at midnight. If I am in Quebec and have to get up at 6 am ET I don't go out anymore.
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    Kicking, check out this link:

    Depending on your net worth you may have some options. But be prepared...the time between starting this process and getting a visa are running around 18 months or more, even for "skilled worker" immigrants.
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    Canada is great indeed. Health Care is taken care of at least to start!
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    btw.. if you are a big futures trader, you can check out Refco's offices in Canada. My colleagues tell me that is very professional and well maintained.

    Good luck.
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