Canada yanks citizenship of alleged Nazi enablers

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  1. When is this nonsense going to stop? Two grey-bearded men, who never committed any felony during their long presence in Canada, can be stripped of their citizenship for supposed crimes against Jewry. However, murderers, rapists, and other immigrant criminals from the 3rd world are treated gently and no one dares to consider sending'em packing. Canada needs to wake up.

    Canada yanks citizenship of alleged Nazi enablers

    May 24, 2007

    OTTAWA (Reuters) - The government of Canada has revoked the citizenship of two aged men it said had been involved in Nazi war crimes during World War Two.

    It said on Thursday that one of them, Helmut Oberlander, had concealed his membership in Einsatzkommando 10a, a unit that systematically carried out mass executions of civilians, particularly Jews, in the occupied Soviet Union.

    The other, Jacob Fast, had collaborated with German security police responsible for enforcing the racial policies of the German Reich, and he concealed his German citizenship when applying to come to Canada 60 years ago, the government said.

    "Canada will not become a safe haven for anyone who has been involved in war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide," Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said in a statement.

    The cases had been under consideration for a long time as they wended their way through appeals, but a government statement said the two men can still ask the Federal Court to review their cases.

    Government officials were not able to say how old the two men are, but media reports have said Fast is in his late 90s and Oberlander is in his early 80s. Canadian media have also reported that Oberlander had said the Nazis had forced him into service as a translator when he was a teenager.

    Since 1977, Canada has revoked citizenship in 54 cases, seven of which were related to World War Two.
  2. LOL, are you worried? You should be, the entire world is after Nazi scum like yourself. Watch your back!!!

    PS Canada should indeed send "murderers, rapists, and other immigrant criminals from the 3rd world" packing.