Canada to become the 51st - 59th USA State?

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  1. Looks like Quebec is interested in seperating from Canada again and might try another referendum.

    If this happens then the other 9 Canadian provinces, maybe the 3 territories also, should become USA states. If you look at a map the USA would gain a huge amount of land including the northern coast.
  2. Its always been my assesment, they are de-facto states, as are a few other countries.
    Why on earth they want to secede is beyond me, whatever bargaining power they have would be down the sinkhole-making them even more ripe for conglomeration by the us.
    Pax americana.
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    I think there was a crack-pot quasi-politician in the 80's who proposed $1M for every man woman and child in the country if they voted him in as prime minister with the platform of selling the entire country to the US.

    Sounded like a good deal to me...
  4. Heh, wouldnt it...except for the actual value of natural resources, but wasnt some island bought for a bag or two of wampum at some point?

    Ah, freedom and democracy.
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    Why can't it be the other way around? What if one day, US goes under, and Canada becomes a super power, should US becomes part of Canada? How would you feel? Americans are too arrogant, or what?
  6. It's the first part of the question there that is the thing.
    How would they? Canada in essence, was created as a compromise measure with the powerbrokers of britain, (bankers) the new us government, and the remaining french, right?
    The hudson bay company is the history of the power split, and if more people understood the inequity of the trade relationship over time, the more they might-have more idea.
  7. If you're white and you want to know what racial discrimination feels like, just go to Montreal and try to order a beer in English, without trying it in French first. Actually, even if you try it in French, you may not get served for a while. I have never felt discriminated against as much as I did as an anglophone in QC.

    I am sick of the separatists. They owe their asses to the majority who know that separating from Canada would be a horrendous mistake.

    That said, don't hold your breath waiting for QC to separate any time soon.

    The suggestion that the other 9 provinces would then become US States is pretty funny. I assume this suggestion is basically a joke. The US is already trying a blatant land grab in the Northwest Passage now that it is clear that the passage will be easily navigable soon. I don't think the US needs any particular reason to claim Canadian lands and waters as their own.
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    I mean what if, not about whether or not it would happen in our lifetime. It's about the respect of other countries.

    My point is that why would Americans think like that? Should Russia merge with China one way or the other just because they are connected? Or should China claims America as part of China when she becomes a superpower? The thoughts of taking over other countries because of the financial inbalance, military power, and where the countries locate are fundamentally wrong JMHO. What if Britain starts to take over the nearby countries?

  9. As you state, most of these things have already occured.
    The difference with the US, is while claiming to respect sovereignty on one hand, do the exact opposite via the corporate structure and highly leveraged, and brutally enforced "free trade" deals, and truly shocking and ruthless extortion.
    Strangely, to many people, taking over an entire industry, an entire country, with a promise of some marginal return doesnt seem to be "fair" trade, at all.

    As you state, its not as though this was'nt Great Brittanias expansion plan in 1700 either, , but look what happened to them.
  10. Nope..I wasn't joking. I live in Vancouver and think it would be a good idea.

    I wonder what % of Canadians would vote yes to join the USA if a referendum was held? I think it would be very high.
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