Canada or America??

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  1. If you are a trader....Where would you rather live...??

    I'm a Canadian living in California (been here almost 10 years) and strongly considering a move home...I've got a nice life here, but thinking it's time to make the move...Why move? A bit homesick, a bit paranoid, a bit bored with big city hussle. Looking for a more country community where I will continue to trade.

    East coast time zone (where I'm moving to)
    'Free' Healthcare
    Better schools
    Cleaner...much cleaner air, water, food
    Immediate Family
    Cheap ass real estate
    Sounder financial system

    Taxes (though California is no picnic)
    Cold ass weather
    Free 'Healthcare'

    Any thoughts??
  2. Curious myself heard good things about Canada, also aren't they in a better financial position than us?? lower debt to in income plenty of resoucres.. and good looking women a bit more friendly as I remeber from a trip I took to Montreal :)
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    i'm a canadian citizen as well, i lived in u.s. (california) for 7 years and vancouver is my home. I have to say, i would say Canada hands down!

    Seriously, unless you got a very highly paid salary in U.S. why would you give all the benefits of safety, clean, friendly, healthcare and more for U.S.? i think now with the economy in u.s. which is worse than that of canada in my opinion (currently) i would consider going back home.

    good luck!
  4. Well wedge mah spurs in the stirrups, y'all aint bin ta Texas! No state taxes! Liberal gun laws (an oxymoron?). Our very own six-times-distilled 100 proof vodka (Tito's). Hard roads and easy women. A sushi dive on every block. And a Republican governor. A big slice of conservative heaven!
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    i went snowshoeing in the eastern sierras around bishop ,lone pine 2 weeks ago.It was stunning scenery...that is why i live in california...then i drove back to LA and it was 75 degrees.Cant you move to a smaller town like ventura or SLO?
    Montreal,toronto are completely depressing weatherwise.
    Toronto's traffic is as bad or more congested than LA's.

    Canada does have a great healthcare system by comparison and it is safer crimewise...
    But that weather is just sooooooo depressing.People in t.o and mtl were telling me they had no summer in 2008-just rain...
  6. Canada is not going to recover as fast as the USA. Protectionist measures are already being implimented. US owned Canadian plants will sit idle until US plants running full out. I expect 10% + unemployment in Canada very soon resulting in even higher taxes.

    Healthcare is included in your high Canadian Income taxes, but if you can afford US Healthcare, the quality is far superior. You can die waiting in Canada.
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    you can die waiting in the usa when they deny your coverage for whatever bullshit excuse.Healthcare here is a business at best and is a criminal syndicate.The us healthcare system ranks 37th below costa rica and many poorer countries.Its a disgrace.Canadians also have longer life expectancy than here.
    Us healthcare is great if youre a hollywood star/zillionaire but thats it.Ask brandonf how much hes been drained cashwise.
  8. Canada's safety or defense is provided by the United States. You are welcome.
  9. Yeah, thought about it...real estate prices just ridiculous still...
    That's the major thing that has held me back...
  10. I lived in Canada for almost 40 years and now in US for over a decade with a full healthcare plan (expensive). I did state that if you have PROPER coverage in the US the quality and rapidity of service you will receive far exceeds what you will receive in Canada.

    I have experienced both healthcare systems personally.
    What are your credentials and basis for your statements, a Michael Moore movie?
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