Canada getting creamed

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cgtrader, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Just a FYI if anyone cares, unfortunately we are on the same boat as the US...

    TSX down 7% today.
  2. I have been paying attention to the TSX this week. A complete slaugther! Down close to 10% on black Monday.
  3. dsq


    just saw that on toronto star...down 800 pts!!! Didnt they drop 700 on monday also?I was looking to short tsx afew weeks ago at 13700...
  4. POT and AGU downgraded, along with Oil stocks declining.

    That's what happens when you're market is 35% resourced based.
  5. So *they're* the ones responsible for our economic meltdown!

    Blame Canada!
  6. Haha yes it was us, our fault!

    You caught us!

    Call Paulson and tell him, "Blame Canada"

    Now we wait to be invaded and put up no real fight at all.

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  8. Oh, gawd, thanks for the belly laugh for me after a hard week (personal stuff - not market stuff). Don't know why it tickled my funny bone so well, but it did!
  9. all members of Congress must face trial for treachery and be exiled to the Yukon territory for the rest of their lives