Canada: America's Hat

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    Your such a hoser eh :p
  3. Stay tuned for

    Mexico: America's Beard
  4. you mean goatee?
  5. :D :D
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    That would be Florida.
  7. If only the Fed could understand what the OP is showing us, things would not be so bad.

    That picture should be mandatory material for every Macro Economics course!! :D
  8. More like a 'clingon'
  9. I know when Canadians are coming to the states to shop on mondays at local big box there is something to be said about the rate change.

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    What a turn around. I remember when I used to go up to La Pinsonniere, a great place on the cliffs of the St Lawrence north of Quebec, and on the way visit the outlet stores up there when USD.65 would buy you a loonie (North Face for me and a bunch of womens boutique outlets for the wife, Escada I think and others). Maybe the Fed is in the pharam's pockets, no more trips north for cheap drugs at this exchange rate. There goes the solutuion for the Medicare unfunded liability. Soon all those people who were braving a trip to a Doc (and I do mean braving) south of the border may find it is cheaper to get their breasts done in the US.
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