Canada: 751 Unmarked Children Graves

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    Oops. O Canada?
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  4. Those "751 Unmarked Children Graves" in Manitoba are actually in a cemetery that goes back to 1899. The original wooden cross markers deteriorated over time and where never replaced.

    Unless they excavate the site they do not know who is in the graves or even how many graves there are - most likely there are adults also in the graves.

    Below is a picture of the actual site. The orange markers mark each suspected grave and you can see some headstones.

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    Atomic bomb on Japan ? Ok, then, why not drop another one for good measure. Americans trump Canada on man made tragedies easily. Imagine the level of evil heart and mind it takes to drop that kind of destruction on a city of mostly innocent people. And then to do it again. Sure, Canada has some evil people; a hot bed of them worked for the Catholic church.

    If we want to look at current conditions in the countries of the world, again, Canada is doing a much better job then the US on almost every measure. Less poverty, better race relations, better social programs, less violent crime, ... . But certainly not perfect and certainly Canada a century ago was not as advanced nor as socially aware as it is now. The US was lynching numerous black people while most of these kids died.

    I've seen some Americans lashing out at Canada on here like it somehow excuses current American social issues. Actually it does quite the opposite. Highlights how far you have to go still even in 2021. You're still arguing if cops needlessly killing young black men is justified. You still have Americans on here posting racist content like it's normal. You still have posters suggesting dropping A bombs on other nations.

    Canadians will take steps to eliminate these kind of crimes against humanity best we can. Still waiting for the US to make this enough of a priority though.
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