Canada: 35.9k jobs created in April (expectation for -48.5K loss)

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    Either the Canadians are getting in on the erroneous statistics game or we're in a V shaped recession. USD/CAD action was wild!
  2. "Driven by self-employment"

    I guess lots of people are turning into EBAY Power Sellers??? Prostitutes?

    In Calgary it's carnage right now. I don't know anyone becoming self employed, just lots of people becoming unemployed.
  3. No, daytraders. :D
  4. i am in Toronto - if there is employment being created here I couldn't begin to guess in what sector -not manufacturing. the government employees 2 out of 5 people in Canada so maybe now its 3 out of 5??
  5. Most of the jobs created were self employment. However, if that category was left out Canada would have only lost 1100 jobs. The fact that manufacturing and construction jobs were unchanged is a great sign. The bleeding may have stopped. Great data coming out of Canada if you ask me.

    By the way, responding to an earlier post, Alberta has the lowest unemployment rate at 5.5% or thereabouts.
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    I live in Toronto, and have no idea where these jobs are coming from.....?summer students getting jobs?
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    Similar thing happened here in Australia this week

    We had 27.3K jobs created V expectation of -24.9 loss

    Could the recession be really over?
  8. No, the created jobs were self employment. Maybe due to tax season. Focus instead on manufacturing and construction sectors not losing any more jobs.
  9. Take Canada ex-Québec and you get another figure entirely. Almost all jobs creation are in that province.

    GM and car manufacturers left the province 10 years ago, nobody wants to buy our wood anymore and the high dollar killed our manufacturing sector when the whole world was growing like crazy, so we're kind of like "recession-proof" this time.

    Also we had a bridge falling off, killing people 2 years ago and since then governement has spent billions to repair the roads and bridge and so forth. Spent 45 billion in fact (for a 7 million population that's an awful lot.) In all proportion one of the biggest recovery plan per capita in the world. Did help maintain construction jobs.

    Just so happened that a recession came... wasn't forecasted. We were just lucky. The recovery plan was already going and a few billion were already spent. If the 2 dead people from the bridge only knew how much they saved our economy... :eek:
  10. Obama's been so successful at creating jobs here at home, that he's decided to create some jobs for the poor Canadians too

    give the guy some credit, he's thinking outside the box
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