Can you withdraw money after funding $5k in TradeStation account?

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  1. If you fund $5k to open account, then decide to withdraw and leave just $500 to pay just $100 monthly for plateform use?

  2. Hmmmm... I guess Tradestation was not the best source to ask directly :D
  3. You would figure that after 5000 posts and about 7 day a guy would tire of being a dick. No?
  4. Sure.

  5. Surdo


    If you do less than 10 RT's, it will cost you $99 PLUS exchange fees monthly. What kind of an answer will make you happy?

    Yes, you can withdraw funds. Why bother funding an account in the first place?

    el surdo
  6. What is wrong with my answer?

    How could anyone here know what Tradestation would do except for tradestation... makes perfect sense but maybe it went over your head..

    TS deducts all fees from the account if you dont meet the trading requirements.


  7. Trying to be coy does not work on a message board.

    Go post another 5000 times will you.
  8. Because when you have a brokerage account with them, you get Rardar screen and option station included for just $100, when you don't meet minimum trades requirement.

    Still looking for answer?
  9. ok sorry my posts do not live up to your insightful trading rants in Politics and religion.

    As for OP, if you do not trade you have to pay for the platform. What other answer are you looking for? Open a brokerage account and ask for what is the minimum maintenance amount you need for the brokerage account and just keep that. If there is no minimum you are golden.

  10. Optioncoach, thanks for taking part, however your post wasn't answer to my question.

    Lets hear what others are going to say
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