Can you use Splunk as a Market Scanner / Dashboard ?

Discussion in 'App Development' started by xandman, Oct 8, 2019.

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    It seems that Splunk can prove useful given that:

    1) Simple data upload and indexing
    2) A simple query language
    3) Visualizations and Dashboards that can be set to periodic/ real-time.
    4) Ability to guess your source data or create custom mapping for fields.

    Yet, I see that most implementations are for Network hardware and Security monitoring.

    Can anyone share your insight and experience?

  2. ensemble


    Probably, it is all time series data. But it could get expensive.
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  4. Yah, they're a (minor) ex-competitor of the big data companies I used to work for. Good for aggregation and analysis on log files, and relatively lightweight on system resources; not so much with validation, cleaning, or any sort of serious analytics use. More of an end-user tool with lots of pre-built stuff. Not saying they're bad, it's just a relatively narrow market segment.

    Would it be good for market analysis? Well, you could poke at it - they've got a free version - but I seriously doubt it. It's neither oriented toward anything like that nor, IMO, flexible enough.

    If you want a dashboard with a full-power back end, take a look at Databricks. They've also got a free version, but it's definitely enough to build whatever you want (and you can scale out if you decide to.)

    I'll put it this way: my job required having familiarity with essentially all major products in the Big Data space, and Databricks is what I use exclusively for any analytics at scale.
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