Can you trade like this guy and succeed?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by simon1080, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. Why bother to trade all those individual stocks when you can just trade one instrument such as ES or NQ or TF?
  2. He seems to be very consistent too.
    I've been watching his videos.

  3. that guy sounds like hes got marbles in his mouth what the heck is he saying..

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  4. What do you all think about his trading style?

    Never mind his voice or his accent or how he talks.

    His trading style.. what do you think of it?
  5. I think he was doing good. Biught the consolidations and sold the small pops.

    But having a 1000 shares ov everything is a bit weird. 1000 shares of apple and 1000 shares of C is completely different.

    Also, personaly, I would hold on longer to some of the shares. But that doesnt alwas work (infact rarely does).
  6. wenzi


    Google this guy. I heard it is a scam. He uses some kind of voice modifier and is trading on a sim in the videos.

    Your mileage may vary.
  7. anyone else?
  8. If he's trading on Sim, he's probably only showing you the trades that worked out, while leaving out all the losing trades.

    The suckers will fall for the bait and believe he's some Super Trader. Then they'll purchase whatever he's selling.....BRILLIANT...why didn't I think of that......what a great way to make a risk-free living...that is if you are a total scumbag willing to lie, cheat, and part a fool from his money.
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