Can You Trade ES/NQ in an IB IRA Account?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by version77, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. Anyone doing this in their IB IRA account? Is there a minimum
    amount of $$$ you have to have in your IB IRA account in order to
    trade ES/NQ/YM/ER2/ besides what you need in a margin account?

    Can you trade 5-10 RT's a day? Or am I Barking at the Moon?... :D
  2. This is taken from the Communiqué- June 30, 2003:

    "Futures Trading in IRA Accounts
    As previously announced, effective July 1st, 2003, IB will allow trading of futures in an IRA (cash) account. To upgrade an IRA account to trade futures, go to Account Management/Account Capabilities. After upgrading your capabilities to Futures, which requires overnight approval, you will have the opportunity to add futures trading permissions and market data subscriptions. As with all cash accounts, you will only be able to trade in a single currency as multi-currency capabilities require borrowing, which is not allowed in an IRA (cash) account. In addition, there will be no 50% margin benefit during normal liquid trading hours as with futures margin accounts. "

    Is this still current?