Can you trade by price action alone?

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  1. is there anybody here who thinks they can trade soley on price action alone?
  2. Yes
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  4. Is this the technique that no one can teach but everyone claims it takes 10,000 hours to learn ? :D

  5. Yes. I don't recommend it though. You'll get lucky and catch some big moves until you get trapped. You need at a bare minimum a momentum indicator with the default numbers reduced to navigate trend changes. Nearly every trend change traps traders in both directions: jump-starters hoping for the 15 minute 10% rally, and conservative position or swing traders covering but caught off guard trying to re-enter in the same direction. Volume in these instances also helps tip clues.

    If you insist: look for better than 30% and 50% retraces and then expect traps until advantage is regained. One word: "response". Rally...Test.
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    Price action with lateral support and resistance won't work in giving you profits consistently.
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  9. Like falling into a log.
  10. I use price only with some math on the side and proper chart configurations.

    296 cents today out of CL gyrations.

    Just trade structure of the market , price always must go up and down.

    1 min chart is only for illustration, not what I use.
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