Can you still get 200:1 leverage?

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  1. I haven't trade FX in years and back then I had a 200:1 account, you could even go as high as 400:1 leverage. Can you not get that leverage anymore? What is the max leverage these days for USA or Canadian accounts?

    I know a few years ago some big changes were made with the FX accounts.
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    In the US, 50:1.
  3. OK .... thanks fro the quick reply.
  4. Non USA brokers are higher.
  5. Planning on trading 1,000 units, big boy?
  6. Depending on the account type, my broker offers leverage as follow: 1:500, 1:200, and 1:100. Those leverage is equivalent to Classic Account, ECN Blade Account and Elite Account and Prime Account, respectively. And I think, it is applicable anywhere since my broker is global.
  7. kind of interesting... leverage is a double edge sword..
    if u r wrong.. u will blow up. at lightning speed. ..

    someone I know was asking me -he wanted to go long USDJPY.. and will bet 10K.. his bet in 2014. -is 10% depreciation.
    calculations and 1:100. if there is a 1% downside swing, he is liquidated.. so he said he will use 1:10 only..

    so even if there is a 10% swing he will survive..
    but this is not trading.. just buy and hold.. i dont know about how he will manage rollover settlement. etc..
  8. I think if you live in the UK or Australia, you can still have access to 400:1 leverage via FXCM.

    US citizens/residents cannot use more than 50:1 leverage however, regardless of their geographical location.
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    leverage isn't necessarily a double edged sword. add to winners and move the stoploss to increasingly better levels than your entry price. with a strong trend you could build massive, massive positions ..
  10. Absolutely.

    But it takes guts and nerves of steel to pyramid a winning position to the max.
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