Can you steal personal information with a custom indicator?

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  1. Hello, I have found a programmer online who can program a custom indicator for me cheaply.

    I am wondering if one can put some code in the indicator to steal personal information like passwords or even worse somehow redirect money from my account to somebody else's? Is this possible? Does somebody know if it can be done?

    I use Ninja Trader and IB.
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    yes it can be done.
  3. Yes I believe it can be done. If that is a concern then you should hire someone with references someone you trust. What has always bothered me about Ninja is that it doesn't require a forced log in password like many trading applications.

    A bigger concern should be trading on the computer you surf the net with. You are much more likely to get a virus/malware that way than a malicious coder.

    The community of well know coders is small for NT. Word would spread fast if they were stealing from their customers.
  4. I asked about Indicator Warehouse forum and store here on ET, and got an email from an ET member. He can program an indicator for me relatively inexpensively. He can even send it to me before I pay.

    It sounds very interesting but then my husband warned me about this potential problem.
  5. Thanks for the list, I will check it out.
  6. how about this plan:
    1. hire the cheap programmer to code, the code should be open
    2. hire another programmer (more expensive, more trustworthy) to look at the code (should be cheap just to look at the code even if the programmer himself is expensive)
  7. Hm, that sounds good, Shortie. Didn't think about it. I might just go with this option :)
  8. If you are talking about compiled code... being shown the source is not enough - the "trusted" programmer needs to actually build the deliverable from the source.

    If it is just a script or something of that nature (non-compiled code) then this is not an issue.
  9. BA Trader, what is the difference between compiled and non-compiled? I have no idea, sorry, never programmed in my life.
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