Can You Spot the Difference Between the Candidates?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by DemZad, Oct 28, 2011.

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    To be fair, Cain doesn't really know where he stands on any of those issues and Romney is on both sides. So that graphic is not terribly accurate. LOL.
  3. Both Romney and Cain are establishment candidates. I have no doubt what side of the coin they are on.
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    No see, that is a mistake. You think the problem is that they have a "side". I think the problem is they "don't". In other words, if you write them a check, they'll take whatever side you want them to. There is a difference you know.
  5. You are correct, everyone except Dr Paul is for sale. And who writes the checks? Certainly not the average American. Banks, Defense, large Corps, they all write checks. See where I'm going with this?

    Fact of the matter is there are only two sides, money and no money. The establishment side is the money side. We the people are on the opposite end of the spectrum and of the candidates pictured, only Dr Paul has our back.
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    LOL, +1 :D
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    Whoever came up with the graphic neglected to include the category "Who is young enough to be elected President?" You would still get the same responses.
  9. Good point. What is the age cap for presidential candidates anyway?
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    Has it occurred to you that the only reason Paul doesn't take money is the same reason fat guys have no problem talking to hot chics. That is both of them know they have no chance of winning. Just a thought...
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