Can you spot "Pump n Dump" in this chart. Currency manipulation is a right.

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    Countries like US, Canada, EU, GB, Russia etc etc
    they all hold reserves of foreign currency and use it to manipulate levels of their own money versus others (they call it protection measures LOL)

    Sad fact you people don't know, The United States Government under the FED engages in pump and dump of dollar.
    And all the other heavyweights do the same.

    There are no innocents in this world.
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  3. Smurfie


    Ummmm .... did you follow the link, read the simple statements and understand them? Try again. I know you can do it. I believe in you!

    Holy smoke Batman! This is the most irrelevant statement ever. However, you seem smart, so we must take it under advisement. Surely, there's a hidden point somewhere.
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    LOL, what part of US government and FEDERAL reserve LYING to the people, don't you understand

    please don't tell me you are one of those who actually thinks CNN is the most trusted name in news

    stop drinking kool aid kid.

    here you go, a dose of fresh water to your face
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    Friend, thorugh the use of loving light humour and irony I was pointing out to you that gastropod gave you a link where he says the same thing as you.

    You didn't understand what was in the link and attacked him for not sharing your view (which he actually did)

    I point it out to you and you attack me for not sharing your view (which I made no comment on)

    I have a very strong feeling that I could state here that I like strawberry ice-cream and then you'd yell at me to stop being naive and realise that governments manipulate markets.

    See what I'm getting at? Put down the megaphone.

    1. Stop yelling and you'd realise when people agree with you

    2. Stop yelling and you'd realise when people point this out to you

    3. All in all; stop yelling



    PS: This is a general petition to get a new metaphor than Kool Aid drinking. It's getting so incredibly old. Thanks in advance.