can you short leveraged ETFs?

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  1. are these 2x 3x ETFS allowed to be shorted?

    can I short a Gold Ultrashort?
  2. there should be a leveraged short etf that one would buy

    * I did not read the question properly.

    Short a leveraged short etf? Now thats retarded.
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    just place an order away from market and see it yourself..too hard?
    short ultrashort ....that's is truly creative... buy damn futures or something..way more leverage and fun.. x2 is for 401K and senior citizens only :p
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    you are the retarded one here

    shorting a short ultra etf has its advantages over buying the long one
  5. yes i am talking about shorting 2x ETFs regardless they are ultrashort or ultralong..

    it seems that they can be shorted. thanks.
    just testing some strategies.
  6. its ok. there are retards everywhere in the world.
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    YES. You can short them, but you'll require a locate because they are not on the 'easy to borrow" list. Last I looked they were charging -1% to -10%. This changes all the time. At this time, our firm passes on negative rates from the Prime Broker, some firms charge an extra premium.
  8. Interactive has 250000 shares of DZZ, 150000 GLL and 10000 DGZ to borrow
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    to reiterate - yes, they're borrowable, but the availability of them varies widely from firm to firm.

    generally, the ones with very heavy activity are shortable (although sometimes they wind up being unavailable when 'everyone' wants them).
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    your use of language says a lot about you.
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