Can You Sell Short In IB IRA Account

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by restino, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. restino


    Has anyone actually sold a short position in an index future such as ER2, ES, NQ, etc in an IB IRA Margin account?

    Will this work?

    What are the restrictions for such an account?
  2. Yes, you can.
  3. I've traded a couple futures in my IB IRA.

    Haven't noticed much difference, except slightly higher margin limits.

    I'm sure the details are listed somewhere, just been too lazy to dig them up.
  4. GTS


    Yes (right now in fact),


    You must have enough available funds to cover the margin requirements
  5. restino


    glad to know i can sell short in my IRA.

    i'm hoping that you guys do mean index futures like ES, NQ, ER2, etc.

    in general how much do you need to cover trades like that for each contract?

    does the amount change if its a margin account? not sure what the margin part of and IB accoutn does for you if you need to have the trade covered with enough cash in your account.

    thanks for all of the informative replies. ive read alot and you are giving me specific answers that really help!
  6. ids


  7. restino


    i can tell you work for IB.

    anyway, IRA margin accounts are not spelled out clearly adn that is why so many ask questions about it.

    i got an idea. why dont you go document it better instead and have it corrected for english first of course before telling someone they need to learn more before they trade.

    did you ever think that i'm asking the question for that purpose?

    or do you think i know everything about it and am trading it already and now i ask the questions?

  8. dcvtss


    Seems pretty clear to me.
  9. IDS,

    I have traded ES and NQ futures in an IRA before on IB, and have also bought equity options and sold cash-secured puts.

    I am right that one may sell ES and NQ options in an IRA with only the CME/Globex margin requirement?

  10. GTC


    I think ids was just trying to help out. If possible, I try to appreciate when any brokerage firm's representative uses his/her time to help out. :)
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