Can you see margin used by position on IB's TWS

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by nravo, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. nravo


    Or even on the account page anywhere? IF so, how do Is et it up?
  2. gkishot


    On the account page go to the margin report.
  3. Sorry I do not get margin report. Can you get margin used by individual positions or just totl for all the positions. Thanks
  4. nravo


    Sorry to sound obtuse, but the accounts page just has margin for all my positions combined. If I have a variety of options, futures and FX positions, how can I find out how much each position is using in margin?
  5. Arnie


    To see the margin for a contract, click on the bid or ask data line like your entering an order. Now click on "Order" at top of TWS and look down about half way and you will see "Preview Order/Check Margin". Click on that and it will show the margin needed.
  6. nravo


    Maybe I am doing this wrong, but it does not give me margin for the position, it gives me margin impact on the account of a position, which means I have to go find my account balance and then subtract the impact amount to get how much margin I am using for a certain position. Am I wrong? And I have to create a line on my page to get it, right? And then delete it?

    And what if it is a combo position like a covered call, how do I see how much margin is being used on that particular position.

    Maybe I am being fussy, but it seems that with all the TWS options having a column that shows margin used for each line or lines highlighted would be very useful. Is this the sort of thing I have to labor with a programmer and the API to get?
  7. JackR



    Try this - Open your account from within TWS using View - Account Management.
    Then open Report Management - Margin Reports.
    Margin reports will show you each issue you hold, Initial Margin, Maintenance Margin, and Margin %.

  8. nravo


    This is helpful -- but the futures trades re not broken out; it just says ECBOT/CBOT with a dollar amount, no detail. And NYBOT/ICE trades are not listed in the report at all. Is this a glitch or an IB quirk? Anyway around this?
  9. JackR


    Can't help further. That NYBOT/ICE lack does seem strange. I don't hold futures overnight so cannot see an example in my account. The paper trading account does not provide a margin report so I couldn't experiment there. Try a Trouble Ticket.

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