Can you say braindead flaming moonbats?

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    Here's the backbone of the democratic party howling at the moon as hard as they can. If you want to see just how brainwashed a group of people can get, just tune into the DNC.

    Here's what Hussein Obama's preacher of 20 year said:

    Hussein Obama has had this guy marry him and his wife, and baptize their two daughters. You can see a video of him thanking his preacher for his close advice and counsel in June 2007:

    Yet the moonbats are so retarded, so completely mislead, so in the dark and without one single tiny clue whatsoever, they have to release this statement from Hussein Obama's church:

    Wright can go on and on about how the government developed AIDS to wipe out blacks, call on God to damn the USA, and call this country the "KKK of A", but to quote him is to engage in "character assasination".

    This is the democratic party. Stoned stooopid. Libtards should hide their faces in shame.
  2. but look at what the neocons did to our economy... we need a stupid name for them.. like moonsquids.
  3. Republicans don't understand anything outside religion. Even worse is that their religion is contradictory. For example, Jesus wouldn't condone slavery yet the Southerners use the bible to justify it.
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    You gotta admire the spirited, well considered defense from the libtards. Bringing their best of the best to counter the points raised in this thread and raise such great arguments, wow. It's no wonder that somebody can mention hope and change and rock their world.
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    We still have slaves in the south?
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    What is your point? You think Obama is a fire-breathing racist in disguise??

    Don't forget now, the figure who loomed largest in his life was not the fire-breathing Rev. Wright, as you would like us to believe. It was his kind and gentle WHITE mother, whom he loved very much.

    I think anyone who has seen Obama in the debates can figure out which one of those two has had the most influence on him.
  7. I think the name you're looking for is "Pig-Lizards"
  8. What is your opinion of Jerry Falwell, his statements, and his relationship with and influence on the GOP (separation of church/state, holding out evangelical christianity as a state-sanctioned religion in the U.S., talking of the attacks of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina as punishment upon the U.S., endorsing pre-emptive war on states that have not attacked us), his implicit acceptance of Ann Coulter's statement that Jews are 'unperfected' Christians doomed to hell, and his tight embrace by President George W. Bush and GOP Presidential Nominee John McCain?

    In particular, if John McCain is as close to Falwell as he has publicly stated, does this influence your decision regarding John McCain, and if so, for the better or worse?

    Just curious.
  9. look at this "pig-lizard" "moonsquid".... can't even figure out that i am more of a conservative than he is.

    your neocons have ruined us financially... we have a meltdown as we speak and you are running around screaming stupid names.

    it is your trotskyites that ruined the economy.... and you still run your mouth with hubris.
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