Can you run 2 PCI-E cards to run 4 Monitors?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by kingliam, Oct 4, 2007.

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    I am new to PCI Express. Can you put 2 dual head PCI-E cards on one motherboard and run 4 monitors or do I have to buy a single quad card? Any knowledge in this area is appreciated.
  2. Yes, 2 x PCIE cards are just fine... as long as they are compatible.
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    wasn't sure if 2 cards were bridge SLI?? to work as 1 faster one.. I was confused. Thnx for the info
  4. I presume you're talking about a trading rig, not gaming?
  5. I just went through this a few weeks ago. I first tried 2 ATI cards (can't remember the model) and they didn't work. When both cards were plugged in the computer would crash after a few seconds of booting up XP. Even with the drivers installed.

    I then tried 2 nvidia 7600's and they work like a champ. Plug and play. No problems very happy.

    Ironically the board supports Crossfire and not SLI!!??!? Yet the Nvidia's worked without SLI config which is worthless unless you play games.

    fyi: The motherboard I'm using is the Abit IP35 Pro. Highly recommended.
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    Yes a trading rig.. people play video games with 4 monitors? I am getting old.
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    could be power supply issue
  8. Well, I didn't know..

    High powered video cards are a waste for trading.. too much heat, noise, $$$.

    Probably the best trading cards for 4 monitors would be, 1, Nvidia Quadro NVS 285 PCIEx16 + 1, 285 PCIEx1.. or 280 PCI.

    No fans, no noise, high quality display. I've watched movies on these cards, and they're great for that too.
  9. That is a good guess but I spent $169 on an Antec TruPower 550 Watt supply cause I knew this rig was gonna be nasty. So I have plenty of pop there. It just seemed like a compatibility issue.
  10. nothing is better than old motherboard with PCI... and hooking up the TNT video cards! use 3 of them. lol
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