Can you recommend a good "Pay and train" prop firm ?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by dijsktra, Jul 28, 2019.

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    I have searched a lot but not sure which firm can be trust. If you have experience with any firm. Can you please recommend me ?
  2. the answer to that question for me would be is there a prop firm anywhere that people are making money "consistently"?
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    traders at prop firms are at their job! its not like they are sitting around saying hey..come over here and shadow me all the time. it can take months to befriend someone there and get 1 on 1 and then you will also see how many guys that are good traders actually blow out unexpectedly. find a prop firm that needs bodies to train and has this businesd model instead of one that just offers premium access and technology. most good prop firms have programmers also to help implement automate parts of your strategy
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    prop firms are not going to show you their numbers. they have ways of making money off of struggling traders also.
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    Sure - I can think of several prop futures firms in Chicago that do well.

    Long gone are the days on the futures side where they take newbies and train them - that disappeared about 15 or so years ago.

    I am not terribly familiar with the equity prop firms, but I do know that the “pay and learn” business model became quite controversial several years ago and some firms and the practice in general came under regulatory scrutiny as some bad actors were withdrawing what were supposed to be trading account funds under the guise of “training fees”. Be very careful.
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    Yes they do, with desk fees and execution haircuts. But on the futures side at least strugglers get rotated out as soon as a fresh prospect with an appealing strategy shows up.

    It’s all about finding that trader or that group who’s consistent - they will lever the piss out of them. If you are consistent and responsible a good futures prop firm will push you to trade as much size as the market will take. And trading stupid size is only reason to trade prop futures.
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    Hello friends

    do you know some good Prop.Trading Firm for currency market trading?

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    Bone, I live in Chicago and I’m looking for a good prop firm after working for a family office. Can you name some of the ones that you said are successful?
  9. bone

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    Best one in Chicago is DRW.
  10. traderjo


    Hi Bone
    If what you say is true that is “pay and learn” business model became quite controversial several years ago and some firms and the practice in general came under regulatory scrutiny "

    How come the current crop of "Pay for Test ( by entity A) and hope to get funded by Entity B" model is not under regulatory scrutiny...!
    In some western jurisdiction As soon as you take a penny from general public be it disguised as "training cost" or Test costs" the national regulators comes heavy on you
    But it seems in the free land of USA anything goes
    Having said that how come Equity props are regulated but Futures props ( or pseudo prop) are not!
    Just a question
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