Can you recommend a full service broker for my son?

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    First of all, I already checked the broker ratings page, so bare with me. Im looking for a broker who can give my son a little guidance, because I just don't have the time during market hours. I go balastic if someone breaks my concentation. I know Im gonna have to pay something crazy, but how much? Does anyone here have a full service broker they would recommend?

    Starting Account Size would be 20k.

    1 to 3 contracts a day

    This was the reason I joined the forum but now I feel myself reading a lot of these posts. Thanks 4 everyones help.
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    Not bad at all.........PM
  3. All a full service broker is going to do, is take more of your money.

    There is a saying that, a broker is someone who invests your money until there is nothing left.

    Brokers are not going to make your son a profitable trader; he will have to learn that for himself.