Can you please identify this trading screen

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stepseazy, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    Can someone please identify this screen. What platform is it, and what is the name of the screen. What do the different columns represent. What does each row entry represent. I assume that the left is the bids and offers for AVP, and the right for SPY. How do you tell if an execution is on the bid or offer, or if it is filled at all. Is it different from the time and sales screen.

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  2. The platform is called The Smudge, and the name of the screen is Harry. And it looks like a position trading screen.
  3. Its lightspeed, they probably have a demo video on their site.
  4. Thanks orange. I guess I should contact the developer who named the platform, Mr. Ahnil Dheeksheet, PHD. Cheers.