can you place one order that does this?

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  1. Ok, say you want to buy 1 contract, and then if price goes +5 you want to buy one more contract, then if price goes +5 you want to close the entire order.

    BUT, if price goes against you 5 before the second order fills, you want to close the entire order.

    AND, if price goes +5, and then +2, so not the entire 5, but then drops 7 back to the original price, you want to close the entire order.
  2. SanMiguel


    You will need an algo or ATM system to do that.
    Or you place multiple orders manually
  3. sounds like a multi level OCA order using , stops and limits based on offsets, but giving the number of parts, a conditional order would be pretty hard using a standard UI. API could do it easily. But the API is not " easy". It is not hard either if you can code. That being said, if one were to do it in the API, it will probably be more flexible than described.
  4. thecoder


    You need a program that continually monitors the involved positions and orders, and acts accordingly...
    Ie. algo trading.
  5. If you want something like that hit this dude up - he knows how to write a good script apparently.

  6. pixel


    Algo + API are the one that does this job, however i am not that well aware with that