can you open an account with 2000 $?

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    I have been trading forex for 2 years now with oanda.

    Some weeks I am making money, some other I don't...but I am slowly becoming ok.

    however I am getting tired of the bucket shop system. I am tired of never being sure of my broker.

    Just today, I have had my stop touched on oanda by 1 pips and when I check on metatrader to see if the graph is the same, it is not (it is 7 pips lower on metatrader!!).

    Moreover, on the forex a lot of the devise are correlated (I am trading only eur/usd) and I would like to have more choice everyday when I wake up.

    that is why I have decided to give a try to Futures and stock trading, which I have never traded.

    SO I would like to know wich good broker can I test (demo account) and which one allow you to open a small acount (2000 dollar).

    I have heard about IB. Can you open a demo account with IB and does they allow you to trade a 2000 dollar account?(I am asking because on their website they are saying that daytrader shall have a 25000 $ account)

    Sorry for my english....
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  2. IB minimum 10K

    Try Ampfutures or Mirusfutures for 2K
  3. cstfx


    IB does not have demo accounts.

    What you are seeking is MB Trading. ECN style trading with low account opening limits. Can trade with as little as $400.

    MBT also has futures and equities division.
  4. moarla


    daytrading rule (25k) is for options and stock etc.
    NOT for futures and forex.

    IB has a delayed demo account for non account holders (look at the website)
    and has real time demo account for real money-account holders
  5. I use MB Trading for stocks, futures and FX.

    Not the best but better than average, trading FX with MB is a little expensive imo, however they offer decent ECN market and have responded to client's feedback quite well.
  6. I use GFT. Great broker. Honestly though, if you are blaming your broker, then you have the problem. Your stop placement is likely in error. Happy trading!

  7. Trading 6E (EUR 125K face value) with a $2000 account is pretty much suicide, even tho it is possible (according to american regulation $2K is the minimum to fund a futures margin account - IIRC, or wa it $2500 ?).
  8. IB is $10k to start and requires $2k net liq to trade FX futures and spot on the ECN. Lot sizes vary by cross, and margins are 50x on majors and 25x on minors and exotics. IB uses synthetics for minors & exotics, hence the reduction in gearing.

    I would subscribe to Esignal's price feed and use TD as contributor. You can keep Oanda's feed vetted and you'll have Esignal charting as well.

    Oanda is the best option for small accounts due to the variable lot size from 1-10MM units.
  9. you have never traded with bucketshop thus you don't believe that they can actually do this

    yes I too couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them alter the data feed on my screen in order to hit my stop
    you guys have no idea, no idea
  10. well NO

    if you took time to read what OP wrote, you would see that Oanda just like FXCM alters price feed to hit your stop

    it seems you also never traded with a bucketshop
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