Can you negociate w/ IB?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Sky123987, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. If you are doing HIGH volume, can you negociate with IB saying hey broker so and so said they'd give me x, can you beat that?
  2. they say "NO"
  3. Negotiate is one of those words that, if you can't spell, you shouldn't be doing.
  4. sky you've been posting for weeks about this deal and that deal. i suspect you're a trader who makes little to no money and is always chasing the best deal.go and do your own research. guys like you never make squat
  5. High volume means you cant make up your mind.
  6. lol, I honestly didn't know it was with a 't'
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    What do you consider "High Volume"?
    Why not become a 106-R Member of CME to save dough, you can still trade through most brokers?
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  9. 5 - 10 m / m. i traded mostly equties, so i'm guessing the CME wouldn't make sense
  10. Comissions are a HUGE part, for every .001 you save, that's 12,000 / year for every million shares you do a month, so if you do 3 mill a month, that's $36,000.

    I've spent about 10 hours MAX seeking out better deals, you think 10 hours MAX to possibly save $36,000 is a good deal? I would have to tend to say it seems like a good risk to reward. Afterall isn't that trading?
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