Can you make too much money from trading?

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  1. Like lets say, you make 300k-500k per trade

    1. Is this good for a career and mental stability?
    8. What do people spend it on once they make lotta cash?
  2. The problem stated here is eluding me.

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    It's eluding me too.

    I think most people have to concentrate on the other question:

    Can you lose too much from trading?
  4. I'm having enough difficulty identifying questions 2-7, let alone rolling out 300k per trade.
  5. haha,

  6. send the money on to me and i'll let you know:D
  7. OP I have to have respect for your question. It takes guts in a crowd like this :p

    half a million dollars per trade is a lot. The capital that it would take to achieve that, though, is also a lot. If you're making 500K per trade, the question is, what are you doing with all that money already? I mean, I make about 1.2% per winning trade trading stocks, so I'd need at least 45 million in the bank to get close to 500K per trade. I guess a partial answer is that I'd be re-investing it.

    But in truth, I plan on using it to pay people to start businesses that create jobs that help our economy. On a larger scale, 500K per trade is not alot unless you're doing 100 of them per year. Some of the buildings in major cities cost well over a billion dollars. Think about Trump Towers. If you're making that much you could step onto a much larger playing field and use your wealth to effect change in the world.

    In response to your first question: If your wealth far exceeds your goals (like 500K per trade just to have a nice boat and a lake house for your family), there might be a problem in the area of mental stability. But if your goals require that money (starting 500 charitable organizations world-wide, creating millions of jobs, building a sky-scraper...), I don't see it being mentally a problem at all. Just my opinion though.
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    The extremely wealthy do not desire change. They like things just as they are and already have control of everything (the popular media and our "elected" officials) needed to maintain the status quo. They buy both sides in elections, ensuring a win every time.
  9. There's a solution for those who feel guilty about making money:

    You can donate some of it

    You can drink and eat and snort some of it

    You can find a wife to rid you of some of it

    You can gamble it back into where it came from

    You can find an entourage of losers to spend it for you

    You can get those narcissistic losers to disembowel your talents and then you can feed them until you run out of money.

    What's your choice?
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