Can you live with 100 plus Degrees summers forever?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mahram, Aug 3, 2006.

Can you live with summers that are 100+ plus degrees as the normal temperature?

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  1. Can anybody here deny this last year was the hottest on record. From europe to canada. To the heartland of america, they are suffering the warmest temperatures in over 100 years of recorded scientific data. Europe is suffering temperatures of 10 to 15 degrees above normal. And the united states have been suffering 100 plus degree days for the last 4 weeks for some parts of country. So my question regardless if it is man made, global warming, can you live with 100 plus degree days for the entire summer. Plus weeks without air conditioning. As some people have learned
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    ive been living in this type of enviroment all me and humid...:D
  3. Florida is around 90 degrees with high humidity from about may 1st through Oct 1st.....Im from NY but after 12 years, my blood has thinned and it doesn't bother me as much...Although, i was in New Orleans last week and have NEVER felt such stifling humidity in my life...I kept taking showers every hour!
  4. but elcubano, if scientists are right and this is only just the beginning, can you last throught this for 5-6 months. And if this is a multidecade cycle. And they have to implement emergency measures, like no AC, no baths, and etc. It woud be a living hell. And if you think its worry mongering, parts of united states have been going throught droughts in year 2 now. And in stage 1 water restrictions. Can you imagine what would happen to cities like los angelos or new york, if you tell people they arent allowed to use AC, or take baths.

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    Kind of reminds me of the old "can you live in the world with the coming ice age upon us" from the 1970's.

    Yes, we survived just fine.
  6. lol. It kinds of remind me of when people were saying cigarettes didnt cause cancer. That smoking was good for you, it made you healthy. the industry was saying, there was no connection between smoking and cancer. The government said it was good. Then came the bombshell. What do you mean it causes cancer. Then everybody backtracked. We didnt know. Evidence said it was ok. Trying to protect their ass from being sued.

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    i hear mahram..but whats ur point?? exactly...its like 90 now outside and it feels like 110. If i couldnt use the A/C id have to not use the A/C..if there was water restrictions id set my sprinklers for midnight as to avoid a fine...:D
  8. Move to Nome, Alaska now.... 51 degrees for a high!
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    After 20 years in the Mojave Desert [120 degrees with low humidity is common] I experienced 121 degrees with humidity a couple of weeks ago in the next valley over, working in a house with no cooling to boot. Not a problem for me, I was comfy.
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    When's your ass heading back to ol' Habana???:D
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